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Saucepan And Dog Lead Used To Murder Interior Designer Stuart Rattle, Court Hears

I am guilty, Your Honour," O'Neill told magistrate Gerard Lethbridge when asked for a plea, because relatives of both guys watched on. Mr Rattle's body was found in the couple's burnt-out South Yarra home on December 8. But, according to a prosecution summary tendered to courtroom, authorities believe O'Neill killed his partner of 16 years as much as five days earlier. He then strangled him with a nylon dog lead.
kitchen tools http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/saucepan-and-dog-lead-used-to-murder-interior-designer-stuart-rattle-court-hears-20140902-10bfdc.html

anderson + grant: Creating a Basket from an Old Pot

I got to "shop" by details that I wasn't seeing any value inside anymore. Not just did this avoid adding more finds to my stock, yet it was free! I selected a sauce pot from the pile plus brought it upstairs to figure out anything to create. Believe it or not, choosing a random item plus forcing yourself to figure out anything to do with it really is great for developing a small creativity. It concentrates your attention about just one item plus enables your mind to really ponder what could be created from the item in front of you. I thought for awhile about how I may transform this into anything useful when following the style I'm striving to develop.
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