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Everyday Cheapskate: Six Silly Gadgets That Make Life Easier - Twincities.com

Namecalling: How 14th Street's Funkiest Kitchen and Bath Store Got Its Name - Yahoo News

home%20rule.jpg They manage my cord clutter, which is extensive; just trust me on that. They bundle and organize small stuff in my kitchen junk drawer so I can quickly find what I need. These ties are simple one-piece design wraps and just the right size for almost everything. Aqua Notes. I get my best ideas and solutions in the place I'm least likely to be able to remember them: the shower. Maybe it's because for a few minutes my brain can relax. Whatever it is, those great ideas and solutions used to go right down the drain, lost forever. But not any more!

Best Hands-Free Kitchen Appliances - TIME

moen-hands-free-faucet Once the lid is open, the trigger zone can sense when your hands are nearby; scraping a plate or peeling a carrot will keep it from closing before youre done. A stay-open mode lets you choose to keep the lid open for a longer period of time. The only downside to this can is the sound it makes when it opens and closes; it kinds of whooshes as it opens and make a wubba-wubba sound as it closes. That could definitely be quieter. The can runs on six C batteries, which are estimated to last a year (theres an optional $30 power adapter), and an integrated charcoal filter in the lid absorbs odors. I like the design and the rectangular shape of this garbage can: It fits up against the wall and takes up less space than a round can, and the fingerprint-proof stainless steel outside is a nice touch, so to speak. The inner can comes out for easy cleaning, and you can use trash bags to line it. Price: $175 at Amazon and $250 at simplehuman.com Neato Robotics BotVac Neato While were talking about hands-free kitchen conveniences, if you dont have a robotic vacuum, it may be time to consider getting one for their convenience and smart scheduling.

Read on for details! Want a chance to win the same goodies that Katy Perry, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Usher, and more VMA stars took home last night? Read on for details! Were giving you a chance to win your own VMA gift bag, curated by Backstage Creations, which includes everything from high end clothing, to Yoga classes, to even a guitar! Super chic clothing products include an Ascot + Hart trucker hat, Body Bark tops and loungewear made from sustainable fiber, CM Cia Maritima Beachwear , dresses from House of CB, Calvin Klein Collection classic eyewear by Marchon , Rolf Bleu slouch beanies and a Wildfox Couture cami set and eye mask. Awesome kitchen products include Botran Rum , a Brookstone Perfect Drink app-controlled Smart Bartending scale and app, a MOBOT designer bottle, SoLA Freeway Shooters shot glasses, and a set of six Williams-Sonoma open kitchen tumblers. Other cool gifts include a gift from Brevity Jewelry , a frame from Lenox Corporation, a 24" 2-wheeled satchel from Lipault Paris , Nomination Italy jewelry, Pure Plant Home coconut wax candles, a three month membership to SoCal Hot Yoga Studios, Smart Ass and Dirty Words games by University Games, Invitation Consultants note cards, and DenTek floss picks. Cool tech gadgets include a gTar by Incident app-enabled smart guitar, Logitech mice, a Mpowerd Inc. inflatable solar lantern, and Swiss Legend Skyline chronograph and Titiano wristwatch.

Why game accessibility matters | Polygon

Img_1242 He planned to fix these problems full time. Becoming an accessibility specialist is a standard career path in many other industries, he says, such as web, tourism, construction and town planning. "I somewhat naively assumed that it would be the same in gaming," Hamilton says. "So I [asked around] about it, about which other companies I could move to and carry on doing the same kind of role." Nobody was aware of any such positions. The natural move, then, was to begin a mission to make accessibility a core tenet of design in the wider games industry.

Live it Up Like Katy Perry! - Yahoo Celebrity

Nominate them for a feature by sending us an email at dc@racked.com. View photo . If you have a knack for quirky gadgets for your kitchen and home, like beautifully designed toilet plungers and top-notch martini shakers, you've got to shop 14th Street's funky home goods store with the so-Washington name of Home Rule. Greg Link opened the store with the intentions of keeping the name local while also reflecting the functionality and everyday nature of the store's merchandise. Originally Link was planning on calling the store DC Basics, but because the name was too similar to Basics Cafe on U Street, he sought out an alternative. While driving home from Charlottesville one afternoon, he was struck with a great idea to title his shop based on a pun on the 1973 congressional act. D.C. locals understood the name Home Rule, but Link couldn't help but laugh at how his non-resident family members didn't quite get it.

Humble?s Kroger Signature store opens for shoppers - Your Houston News: News:

Humble?s Kroger Signature store opens for shoppers Based on suggestions and commentary from the community and regular Kroger shoppers from their previous location, the store will feature items regularly requested by customers and will cater to the demographics of the shoppers. We are very excited about this new Signature store opening since it will be so much larger than the previous location which means we will be able to offer more to our customers, Kristal Howard, public relations manager for Kroger, said. The demographics for this particular store are interesting since it is one-third caucasian, one-third Hispanic and one-third African American; there are a lot of products this store will have that none of other stores will have because it is what our customers purchase often at this location. The new Kroger Signature store is around 45,000 square feet larger than their previous location along the U.S. Highway 59 feeder and Business FM 1960. The new 104,000 square-foot store is located at 9475 FM 1960 Humble.

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